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We mobilize resources, organize communities and support movements to advance the well-being, safety and self-determination of historically and deliberately marginalized people in Mississippi.


We are guided by the following principles:

  • All people have equal worth and dignity.

  • People and communities impacted by systems of oppression have the solutions to get free.

  • Social and political analysis must be rooted in intersectionality. 

  • Human diversity and difference are strengths.

  • Self-determination, self-expression, privacy, freedom from harm and pursuit of well-being are human rights. 

  • Unrestricted access to clean water, clean air, food and shelter are human rights.

  • Unrestricted access to true information and education is a human right and necessary for a democratic society.

  • Every person’s labor has value and deserves a thriving wage.

  • True democratic governance is a necessary component for creating and sustaining free communities and societies.

  • Preservation and amplification of culture must be at the forefront of movement work. 



All communities and people in Mississippi will have equal access to the resources they need to be healthy, self-determined and safe.

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