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Voting Information & Political Education 

Your vote is your voice, and MRC is committed to helping every Mississippian’s voice be heard! We provide voter registration, education  about voting rights and voter ID laws including how and where to obtain voter ID, and other important information about voting in Mississippi. We advocate for fair elections, including an end to voter suppression tactics and partisan gerrymandering. For information about Mississippi voter ID laws, voter registration and the voting process, see our voting guide below, or visit the Mississippi Secretary of State website.


We also provide “Know Your Rights” workshops upon request from your community or organization.  Workshops are provided at no charge with curriculum and instruction provided by area civil rights attorneys. Instruction focuses on civil and constitutional rights, voting rights and process, individuals’ rights during interactions with law enforcement and ICE, legal observer training and basic civics.

MRC political education is ongoing throughout the year and includes in-person and online study and discussion groups on topics ranging from the  evolution of mass incarceration in the U.S. to deconstructing settler colonialism and abolition as movement building. To inquire about joining a political education group, contact us here.

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