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Voting Information & Political Education 

Your vote is your voice, and MRC is committed to helping every Mississippian’s voice be heard! We provide voter registration, education about voting rights and voter ID laws including how and where to obtain voter ID, and other important information about voting in Mississippi. We advocate for fair elections, including an end to voter suppression tactics and partisan gerrymandering. For information about Mississippi voter ID laws, voter registration and the voting process, see our voting guide below, or visit the Mississippi Secretary of State website.


We believe political education is the cornerstone of any successful social change movement. We use multiple strategies to raise awareness around how historic and contemporary policies at the local, state and federal levels have shaped our current systems perpetuating the intersecting inequities around race, sex, gender identity, religion, immigration status, housing status, ability and socioeconomic status and degradation of our environment. We aim to facilitate visioning of alternative ways of governing ourselves that build new systems grounded in equality and collective care for the Earth and one another. 

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