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ms gulf coast
mutual aid collective

Community-led climate disaster preparation, response, recovery and adaptation.

A collective of individuals, grassroots groups and organizations educating our communities about climate change, building a community-led system of disaster preparation, response and recovery and promoting adaptation and resilience in our most at-risk communities amidst the climate crisis.  

our Story

MS Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Collective traces its beginning to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020. We knew a community-led rapid response initiative would be critical to helping impacted Mississippians navigate misinformation, survive and meet basic needs. We also knew that as the impacts of the climate crisis increase in intensity and frequency, BIPOC and low-income communities here on the Gulf Coast already struggling with impacts of systemic oppression will be most affected. Finally, we also knew that the existing government and disaster recovery system functions in a way that often leaves wealthier communities better off after a disaster, while low-income communities are often displaced or left in worse condition. So, the goal of MS Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Collective is to build our own community-led disaster preparation, response and recovery network that centers the most vulnerable communities.  By working together, listening to, and supporting impacted individuals and communities, we can support what we need to adapt, prepare, respond and recover- we can build resilient communities.

Some of our previous Collective work includes: 

  • mobilized community members on the Gulf Coast at the onset of the COVID pandemic to provide masks, hygiene kits and COVID-19 education to our unhoused neighbors and cleaning supplies, masks, groceries, medical supplies and other necessities to Gulf Coast residents in isolation.

  • raised funds to purchase and deliver sewing machines for an immigrant community in Central MS so they could make masks for their community when their employer refused to provide them.

  • delivered produce boxes to food-insecure Black, immigrant and low-income communities in Biloxi, Bay St. Louis and Ocean Springs during the pandemic.

  • established the crowd-funded MS Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Fund to raise funds to provide rent, utility, medical and food aid to individuals and households unable to afford basic necessities due to loss of employment or reduced hours as a result of the virus; this fund remains intact today to assist folks who face barriers to accessing support from the systems in place and is funded entirely by solidarity donations by individuals.

  • coordinated with other grassroots mutual aid partners across the state in response to Hurricane Ida in 2021 providing direct cash aid and cleaning and hygiene supplies to impacted communities.

  • worked alongside other grassroots mutual aid groups to support impacted communities in the wake of the Winter Ice Storm of 2020, the Jackson Water Crisis of 2022 and the Delta, North MS and Moss Point tornadoes of 2023. 


Our Goals

  • Promote resilience and adaptation in frontline communities across Mississippi through establishing a network of community-led resilience hubs that coordinate and share resources to prioritize disaster response and recovery in our most vulnerable communities. 

  • Promote increased awareness around climate change and its impacts.

  • Facilitate development and implementation of community-led solutions to increasing climate change preparedness, resilience and adaptation.


Our collective's work depends on donations from those who can give. Make a solidarity offering to our MS Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Fund here. 

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