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From Resilience to Restoration

A People's Justice Council Intitiative

Project Vision

We envision a future in which local communities are strengthened by a restoration of environmental, economic and spiritual systems that enable us to live life to the fullest in a just, equitable, diverse and inclusive future. To that end, Mississippi Rising Coalition is partnered with People’s Justice Council and others to move the South from a place of brittleness in the age of climate crises to a place of resilience and restoration, and we’re working through existing faith-based communities and justice-centered networks to do it. 


From Resilience to Restoration (FRtR) aims to establish Resilience and Restoration Hubs throughout the South. We're starting with development of a centralized, online database of resources geared toward adaptation and use by individual houses of faith and justice groups. Then, we’ll work directly with faith-based and justice-centered organizations to create local Resilience to Restoration Hub plans and support thie hubs with finding the resources needed to implement their plans. Our emphasis is on supporting and strengthening our most vulnerable, frontline communities.


Project Contacts

PJC Executive Director and Grist 2020 Fixer Reverend Michael Malcom is Restoration Hub Coordinator. Rev Malcom’s interfaith environmental justice work has led to such initiatives as the Southeast Faith Leaders Network. He is also the Environmental Justice Representative for the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ, the co-chair of the Building Power from the Grassroots Task Force with Climate Action Network International, and the co-chair of the Environmental Justice working group for the Southeast Climate and Energy Network.

MRC organizers Lea Campbell and Morris Mock are facilitating the establishment of Mississippi's Resilience to Restoration hubs. Lea Campbell was a healthcare clinician for 20 years before transitioning to community organizing around racial, economic and climate justice issues. She founded Mississippi Rising Coalition in 2016 and is the co-facilitative lead of Mississippi for a Green New Deal (MS4GND). Morris Mock is a worker organizer at Nissan Canton whose passion is labor organizing. He is passionate about a just transition for workers to a renewable energy economy. 


Seed Funding

As a member of America’s first Justice40 Initiative cohort, the PJC and Mississippi Rising Coalition are helping direct vital funding and other resources to the frontline communities where they're needed most. Let MRC help your organization develop a local Resilience to Restoration Plan to prepare your community for resilience and sustainability. We’ll work with you and your community to draft a plan that centers the issues you face and the solutions you want to implement. Finally, we’ll work with our regional and national partners to secure the resources to make your Resilience to Restoration Plan a reality. We’re all in this together. Let’s make From Resilience to Restoration happen. 

Join us. 

Is your organization interested in becoming a Resilience to Restoration hub? Submit a From Resilience to Restoration Community Survey by clicking here

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