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We know that the power of the People is stronger than the people in power, so coalition-building and grassroots campaigns that challenge the status quo and existing power structure are a critical part of our Theory of Change. 

Our power to effect real and lasting change lies in building broad coalitions of people with aligned values and goals across race, class, age, gender and other categories to organize and execute strategic campaigns that challenge, and ultimately dismantle, existing systems of oppression. 


In Mississippi, MRC is Facilitative Lead of the MS People's Movement, founding member of MS Alliance for Public Safety and the anchoring member of MS Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Collective.  We are members of the Mississippi chapter of Jobs to Move America's Coalition for Community Benefits and MS Association of Educators' Raise Mississippi campaign.


Regionally, MRC is a member of the Southeast Climate & Energy Network (SCEN) the Clean Up TVA coalition and Southern Movement Assembly.  Nationally, we are members of the National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) and Climate Advocacy Lab.

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Our campaigns and alliances center around advancing climate, racial and economic justice and uprooting the long-entrenched culture and structures that have made Mississippi ground zero for exploitation of workers, particularly workers of color, queer and trans workers and women; extraction and degradation of our natural resources by greedy corporations and state-sanctioned violence and police brutality against marginalized groups. Learn more about our current campaigns and alliances here.

Mississippi Alliance for Public Safety (MAPS)

Mississippi People's Movement

Mississippi Gulf Coast Mutual Aid Collective

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