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Power for Southern People Not Southern Company

An Arm in Arm Campaign


Time and time again, the dirty energy economy — the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and nuclear energy — sacrifices those most vulnerable. Profit-obsessed corporations and the politicians who do their bidding use, abuse and discard our communities. In the Southeast across Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, Southern Company is at the root of a system that values shareholders and company CEOs' bottom lines instead of the communities they serve. By weaponizing their influence and resources, they have been able to manipulate legislators to actively deny the climate crisis and dismantle our democracy and reproductive rights. They discard their toxic waste in our backyards and charge us prices we can’t afford. Company money is embedded across the legislature of each state and they are not held accountable. As discussions are taking place about how we transition the U.S. energy future to a system that is just and accessible for all, Southern Company’s practices and the politicians that shield them should be held up as being predatory and detrimental to our communities, and future.




We joined this campaign against Southern Company because our people are suffering and we are TIRED! Now it’s time to take it to their front door and build power to take our power back. Beginning June 7, 2022, MRC joined Arm in Arm (AiA), the Georgia Sierra Club, GA Conservation Voters, Union for Concerned Scientist, the GA Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda, and 9to5 Georgia, along with other partner organizations from across Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to engage in a series of actions to demand Power for Southern People, NOT Southern Company. It is time to hold our elected officials accountable to the racial, social and environmental justice our communities deserve. 

Read our campaign demands, and sign on to join the campaign here. 

"Nobody's free until everybody's free."

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- Fannie Lou Hamer

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