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The mission of Dialogue on Race in Mississippi (DORMS) is to empower residents of Mississippi to make our communities stronger and more inclusive. MRC is offering Dialogue on Race in Mississippi, an educational process modeled after Dialogue on Race Original Series, the core program of an organization called Dialogue on Race Louisiana

The series is specifically designed to create increased awareness and understanding that leads to informed action and meaningful change around race and institutional racism in our communities.  It’s a journey that needs to include all of Mississippi.




The focus of Dialogue on Race in Mississippi is on education, action and transformation.  The program is a six-session weekly series backed by factual materials that is facilitated by a biracial pair of trained race dialogue facilitators and structured to set a safe environment for open, honest and brave conversation about racism.

In 2022-23, we're offering DORMS in the South MS counties of Jackson, Harrison, Hancock and Forrest Counties. If you or your organization would like more information about participating in DORMS, click on the button below. 

DORMS is supported with funding from the Mississippi Humanities Council and The Kindle Project

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